Teaching Philosophy

Art education teaches students to look, to consider, and to reflect. The process requires collaboration, persistence, and creative problem solving. I strive to deliver an art curriculum that is accessible and relevant to all students, whether or not they go on to study and work in creative fields. I seek to provide experience and practice in artistic styles, techniques and media, and to teach a contemporary and relevant curriculum from a student centered approach. I want to use art to counter inequity and apathy and build stronger communities through multicultural education. I want my teaching to supplement students’ critical and analytical abilities and afford them a more informed reading of visual culture.

My approach to art teaching is one that strives to make students visually literate, to interpret and make meaning of everyday imagery, and to consider cultural, historical, and aesthetic perspectives of visual culture. As an art educator, I aim to offer students tools to engage in respectful and constructive dialogue, and to think critically and carefully about their own creative choices and processes.

Sample Curriculum: Making Meaningful Places - Intermediate High School Visual Art

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